Top 10 Beaches in the World

Earth is made up of about 71% water, of which 96.5% is in the oceans. Nature then carved it into what we today know as beaches, thousands of them! I last visited a beach back …

Earth is made up of about 71% water, of which 96.5% is in the oceans. Nature then carved it into what we today know as beaches, thousands of them! I last visited a beach back in August 2020, when the restrictions were softened a little. 9 months of no-beach has made me what they look like now. So, I did a Google trawl which revealed the best beaches across the globe.

Top 10 Beaches in the World

I have traveled to a few places with the most beautiful beaches – the kind where water is eerily blue – something we Indians aren’t used to seeing. Some are enclosed, some are long, while some are sandy.

Due to the pandemic, you and I are going to stay in our privileged bubble, so why not gawk at something we took for granted! Living in Mumbai, I had easy access to many beaches, and it was a haven for Mumbaikars. Being nostalgic, I present the top 10 beaches in the world you should visit once it is safe to travel again.

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10. Amed, Bali

Top 10 Beaches in the World

Bali is home to Indonesia’s most captivating beaches. One that absolutely stands out is the Amed beach, located on the northeastern coast. It is a black-sand elegance, with a backdrop of green jungle and volcanic mountains set opposite a turquoise sea. See it from above or on the ocean floor beneath; Amed is enthralling in every way. One look at the translucent sea will make you extend your vacation. The blooming corals are home to some vivid sea turtles, fish, and other marine life. If you want, you are free to traverse a shipwreck, making a visit to the beach much more exciting.

9. Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

If you ever visit Greece, ensure that the Shipwreck Beach on the island of Zakynthos is first on your to-visit list. It was named for the shipwreck that sneaked smuggled cigarettes which washed ashore in 1980. The beach – which can be accessed only from the sea – is located on Zakynthos’ west coast. It is set in a crescent-shaped cove encircled by mounting cliffs that stretch outside into the scintillating sky-blue sea. Here you will also discover sea caves, which overall feels like a marvelous feat of nature.

8. Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Top 10 Beaches in the World

Cape Town is one of the world’s most sumptuous cities, partly due to its enchanting beaches that breathe life into its tourism. Camps Bay is hands down Cape Town’s most celebrated beach. The urban beach is set in the grand backdrop of the Table Mountain and Twelve Apostles Mountain Range; it boasts dazzling white sand. Due to the tides in the Atlantic Ocean, Camp Bay’s water is a smidge cold. Even with that information on your display, you might still dip your legs in the water and watch the breathtaking sunset.

7. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Top 10 Beaches in the World

Matira beach is one of the reasons Tahiti is famous. It is blinding, powder-white sand that slopes smoothly into a nearly-depthless emerald lake upheld by a dense veil of greenery that is tropical. Matira is one of the only beaches that the public can access in the Bora Bora island without exorbitant five-star costs. To make the most of it, ensure that you arrive beforehand to “reserve” a good spot. Also, Bora Bora island is known to be one of the ultimate honeymoon destinations. If you are getting married and can afford the extravagance, do pin the place in your mind.

6. Railay Beach, Thailand

Top 10 Beaches in the World

Railay Beach is amongst Thailand’s captivating beaches that offer a blend of passion and adrenaline. Located on a petite peninsula, you can reach the beach only by a longtail boat.  If you truly want to explore more, you can swim in underground caves to locate clandestine lagoons or rock climb the cliffs. Railay is a sparkling, soft white sand lagoon, all encompassed by enormous limestone monoliths (which are in and out of the water), dense jungle, and caves. It is a popular beach for active honeymooners and other couples as well. If you plan on honeymooning there, the ultra-luxe Rayavadee is the idyllic place to spend.

5. Grace Bay Beach, Turks, and Caicos

Top 10 Beaches in the World

Located on the northern shore of the Turks and Caicos island, Grace Bay is a picture-perfect beach which an amalgamation of transparent water and sugary sand. It stretches 19 kilometers, bordered by a coral reef system with the option for exploring the island by diving and snorkeling. The beach’s extreme popularity has rendered the shores crowded as many condo hotels and resorts have been built there. You can choose to stay on private hotel beaches to make your stay more comfortable.

4. Gouverneur, St. Barts

Gouverneur beach is natural and remote, which sits at the bottom of a steep road. Thanks to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC owner, there is a parking lot available for tourists and guests. You can access the sand via a petite, dense forest, which is also a traditional point for picnics. If you want to keep to yourself, walk farther west as you won’t find many people there. Wildlife enthusiasts will be happy to spot wild goats which appear periodically. It is also rumored that the infamous French pirate – Montbars The Exterminator – hid his treasure somewhere.

3. Benguerra Island, Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Top 10 Beaches in the World

The beaches in Benguerra Island put Mozambique on the world map. Located off the coast of southern Mozambique, Benguerra can be accessed by a short sail by dhow east of the town of Vilanculos. The excellent sand there is encircled by coral reefs while moving away from humpbacks. If you are lucky, you might see majestic whale sharks that pass further offshore. You will also find all kinds of bird species and assemblages of crocodiles. Since there are only a few lodges on the island as it is a marine reserve, you can visit the beach and be a castaway.

2. Reethi Rah, North Malé Atoll, Maldives

Top 10 Beaches in the World

The Maldives is a favorite destination for Thalassophile (ocean lovers), and it would be a tough task to pick just one beach from over 1,200. But the Reethi Rah beach located in the North Malé Atoll draws my attention. It is surrounded by eight perfect strands of sand, making this a larger-than-average island. You’ll find every strand ostensibly better than the other. And yes, there is just a single resort here, so you shouldn’t expect unwanted company.

1. White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

Top 10 Beaches in the World

White Beach is the top beach in the world. You will find that Boracay deserves to be a screensaver on our computers. The beach is a blend of glaring white sand and translucent water set against the dense jungle backdrop. You can freely move anywhere on the island. The island is one of the most beautiful beaches globally. If you’ve always wanted to have romantic beachside dining and witness nightlife, this should be your next destination.


What is the #1 beach in the world?

White Beach in the Philippines is the number one beach in the world.

Where is the world’s clearest water?

The Maldives, Palawan, Crater Lake, Ambergris Caye, Exuma, Hanauma Bay, Egremnoi, Plitvice Lakes National Park, etc., have some of the world’s most clear water.

What is the number 1 beach in the USA?

Siesta Key beach is ranked the number one beach in the United States of America by TripAdvisor.

Which country has the highest beaches?

Canada has the highest number of beaches, followed by Indonesia.

What is the bluest ocean?

As of 2018, the Weddell Sea is said to have the clearest waters of any ocean in the world.


These are the top 10 beaches in the world. Unfortunately, Indian beaches don’t qualify for this list – or list for that matter. Your preferences might be different based on your travel experiences, childhood dreams, your mood, etc. Whatever your reason for visiting a beach might be, you can say there is something different about observing calm waters or just the sunset. I am sure you have made a list of places to visit once the virus bids us adieu, but until then, mask up, follow social distancing, get vaccinated, and stay home!

Which of the aforementioned beaches have you visited? Which would you absolutely love to tour? Tell us in the comments below.