Top 10 Car Manufacturers in India

2020 was an arduous year for every one of us. Although some industries flourished, the automobile industry endured it. For the first time, car sales plunged in April after the lockdown. But as they say, the show must go on.

Top 10 Car Manufacturers in India

Manufacturers quickly adapted the new normal – making masks mandatory, sanitizing the outlet, resuming home deliveries, etc. After the restrictions were eased, people revisited car showrooms, and the market started making progress. If you plan to buy a new car but are overwhelmed with numerous brands, I have curated the top 10 car manufacturers in India.

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10. Datsun

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

Datsun launched its new RediGo, which resulted in the brand’s surprise success. Established in 1931, it sold more units than Volkswagen last year. In 2013, Nissan brought back the brand by launching new cars, making people notice the manufacturer. Its Go and Go+ model had lukewarm success, but RediGo put Datsun back on the radar. Critics believe that the car puts forward Nissan-Renault’s policy to manufacture cars for every budget for the Indian market.

9. Volkswagen

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

Volkswagen strengthened the German manufacturing technique by manufacturing cars that exude class and speed. It’s Polo and Vento models make it one of the top 10 car manufacturers in India. Even though the cars are superb, it still has to make its mark in the Indian market. The reason could be the absence of an entry-level model, which propels companies towards success. Maruti Suzuki is a fitting example. Volkswagen has a long way to go, but people seem to connect with the brand even with its inconsistent supply of components.

8. Renault

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

Renault is a French manufacturer that targets most segments in the nation’s automobile market. Be it the entry-level Pulse hatchback or the well-known Scala sedan; youngsters seem to lean toward Reanult. Just because the firm manufactures cars that address most budgets, its premium models – Koleos SUV and Fluence sedan are novel and give Renault many moments in the sun. Another stellar success is the compact SUV Duster. It is responsible for Renault’s position in the Indian market. No matter which model you choose, you’ll cherish your choice.

7. Toyota

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

If quality is an essential factor you are looking for in a car, Toyota should be your first choice. Its Innova model is a driver’s delight. It’s priced in the premium segment, which means people have to wait in queues to buy it. These factors still didn’t deter the car to shatter the sales records. The Japanese manufacturer focuses on SUV and MPV products, but if it launches a car, keeping in mind, the budget could hit some new records. Toyota Fortuner is a success even with its premium positioning. Liva hatchback and the Etios sedan were launched to connect with non-premium consumers, but the sales were disappointing.

6. Honda

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

Honda consistently updates its lineup, which makes it one of the popular car manufacturers in India. The Honda City is a renowned name, but other models are helping it reach probable customers. Its W-RV and Jazz remain customer’s favorite Honda models. In August 2020, it sold 7,509 units. Of course, the pandemic impacted its sales, but once everything goes back to normal, its sales will see an increase. People prefer Honda cars because of their plush interiors and the comfy rides. Honda’s after-sales service is commendable.

5. Kia Motors

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

Kia Motors has launched only four models in India, but they have made their presence felt in the Indian market. Kia Seltos put the brand on the global map, while Carnival lacks sales numbers. Kia Sonet created dealerships, which is why people are more familiar with this model than others. In August 2020, Kia sold some 10,845 units, which is quite decent considering the pandemic.

4. Tata Motors

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

Tata’s Indigo and Indica had a successful run, but the taxi market took over the car. Even though consumers feel its design is outdated, Tata launched a range of vehicles for every segment. Tata Nano created headlines for its aggressive pricing. This homegrown brand launched its first original SUV – Tata Sierra, and then Safari, which people know by heart. Its Bolt hatchback and Zest sedan are the current head-turners.

3. Mahindra

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

Another homegrown automaker, Mahindra, is known throughout the rural areas for its rugged image. The brand is synonymous with reliability and quality. Blend it with features that make Mahindra vehicles worth the purchase, which are also sustainable for cheap. Mahindra Scorpio was the first-ever SUV that targeted the urban demographic. Mahindra XUV500 is known to be a runaway success due to its reasonable pricing and plush styling. The manufacturer constantly upgrades its vehicles wherein consumers can see sunroof, automatic transmission, etc.

2. Hyundai

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

When it launched in India, Hyundai had a long way to go. Now, people know the Santro model brand, which turned out to be an absolute success. It’s the main rival to Maruti Suzuki, but it has made its presence felt across the nation. Now, Hyundai has loyal and repeat customers and 1000+ facilities.

1. Maruti Suzuki

Top 10 Car manufacturers in India

Maruti Suzuki is the top car manufacturers in India. It holds 42% of the market. The manufacturer sold over 92,000 units in thirty days, which is saying something during the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions trust Maruti Suzuki in the nation since its the Maruti 800 days. It now has over 1500 facilities which are growing. The manufacturer produces 1.5 million cars+ produced every year.


Which car company sells the most cars in India?

Maruti Suzuki sells the most cars in India.

Which car company has the best after-sales service in India?

Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai have some of the best after-sales services in India.

Which car is most sold in India in 2018?

Maruti Suzuki Swift sold 2,23,630 units, which makes it the highest selling car in India in 2018.

Which is the cheapest car in India?

Datsun Redi-GO, priced at ₹2.83 lakhs, is the cheapest car in the country.

Which car is best for daily use?

Maruti Swift and Dzire, Honda Jazz, Tata Tiago, Maruti WagonR, Renault Kwid, etc., are the best cars for city driving and daily use.


So, these are some of the top 10 car manufacturers in India. If you are serious about buying a car, ensure that you know your budget and choose 3-4 options. Then take test drives of the car you’ve selected and compare the pros and cons of each car. Keep in mind that the ongoing pandemic is wreaking havoc on our economy, so don’t buy a car unless necessary!

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