Top 10 Comedy Movies Hollywood Ranked

Looking to laugh your troubles away? Here are the top 10 comedy movies.

The phrase ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is well fit for the situation we are in. No one wants to stay in one place, work from home, or watch movies like Contagion, which depicts a reality. Comedy is effective in such scenarios, and there are hundreds of fabulous hilarious movies that still crack up many at their 10th run.

Top 10 Comedy Movies

This list will sell you the genuine comedies – not the ones who fail at evoking a few chuckles out of you. So, some titles could be new to you. Some are laugh riots, while some present situations that make you howl with laughter. So, let’s give the funny bone to work with something.

There are innumerable websites that list some of the best comedy movies of all time, but to follow the precise count, I took the top 10 comedy titles from Rotten Tomatoes.

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10. Coco (2017)

IMDb: 8.4/10

Top 10 Comedy Movies Hollywood Ranked

Coco is an astonishing animated movie that is loaded with life and humor. The movie is inspired by the Dead’s Mexican holiday Day, which follows Miguel, who dreams of becoming a performer someday. He accidentally falls into the Land of the Dead, which leads him to his deceased musician great-great-grandfather, so that he can reverse the ban on music put by his family. The movie is fun, gives you plenty to laugh at, and the touching revelation in the climax makes it a wholesome family entertainer. It’s one of the top 10 comedy movies.

9. Booksmart (2019)

IMDb: 7.2/10

Top 10 Comedy Movies Hollywood Ranked

Booksmart is inspired by the decade-old Black List script, which explores intimate friendship’s beauty and grossness. The movie also shows bad high school experiences, a night of indulgence, and a ballad to smart girls. Furthermore, it’s hilarious, which makes it one of the top 10 comedy movies.

8. A Night at the Opera (1935)

IMDb: 7.9/10

A Night at the Opera is classic and an indisputable symbol of comedy. It features clever insults, with thick rapid-fire puns and lewd innuendo – which wasn’t a snag as the film-related business was not regulated in 1935. The movie tells the tale of three brothers – Otis B. Driftwood, Chico, and Harpo Marx with their own problems. It’s said to be one of the most polished comedies. Considered to be a masterpiece, A Night at the Opera is hilarious at every turn.

7. Eight Grade (2018)

IMDb: 7.4/10

Top 10 Comedy Movies Hollywood Ranked

Eighth Grade is a coming-of-age film about a girl who grapples with social anxiety. The plot shows her struggles in middle school, which prove to be quite challenging. She then takes on her to practice what she preaches, literally. Elsie Fisher gives her character an authentic vibe. The film gained a critical claim due to its close and frank look at adolescence.

6. It Happened One Night (1934)

IMDb: 8.1/10

It Happened One Night is an iconic romantic comedy that follows a prosperous socialite who runs away from her father’s stringent rules and eventually falls in love with a newspaper reporter who was recently fired. The main cast, Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable were celebrated for their performances. Even the direction and dialogs were praised. It became the first film to win five Oscars at the Academy Awards, including the Best Picture.

5. Modern Times (1936)

IMDb: 8.5/10

Top 10 Comedy Movies Hollywood Ranked

Modern Times is another one of the top 10 comedy movies, starring Charlie Chapling as Little Tramp. The story follows him, who strives to work within an industrial society, which is modernized. This movie is a laugh riot; you’ll also see elements of life during the Great Depression. Add the plot to Chaplin’s comic timing and charm; Modern Times is impossible to overlook.

4. The Farewell (2019)

IMDb: 7.6/10

The Farewell doubles as a family and comedy movie. The family in question discovers that their ailing grandmother is about to die. Hearing this, they decide to go to visit her one final time in China. The acting was praised, and it even evoked some tears from the viewers. The film also depicts various layers of family dynamics by using themes that many can resonate with. It’s one of the top 10 comedy movies.

3. BlackKkKlansman (2018)

IMDb: 7.5/10

BlacKkKlansman is sometimes put into the ‘biographical crime film,’ it’s quite funny. The film’s plot follows the first-ever black detective in the 70s, where he’s hoping to catch the local Ku Klux Klan group. The movie is interesting and thrilling on multiple levels. It also feels relevant. Moreover, the performances of the crew were lauded massively.

2. Lady Bird (2017)

IMDb: 7.4/10

Top 10 Comedy Movies Hollywood Ranked

Lady Bird, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Saoirse Ronan, is verily one of the top 10 comedy movies. It’s about a girl looking to escape her Sacramento Catholic School. The movie perfectly portrays the plight of the schoolgirl, her romantic entanglements, and the mother-daughter relationship. It the best. The comic timing is flawless, just like the performances. The climax is quite exhilarating.

Honorable Mentions

1. Toy Story 4 (2019)

IMDb: 7.8/10

Toy Story’s final movie is one of the top 10 comedy movies. It follows Bonnie’s family and her toys, who embark on a road trip. The vacation proves challenging to Woody as he starts to ponder his own purpose. The animation is high-quality animations, and it ends with a sweet conclusion.


Which are the best comedy movies of all time?

Spy, The Hangover, Bridesmaid, Borat, The Dictator, Scary Movie series, Not Another Teen Movie, etc., are some of the best comedy movies of all time.

Which are the top 10 comedy movies?

Toy Story 4, Lady Bird, BlackKkKlansman, The Farewell, Modern Times, etc., are the top 10 comedy movies.

Which is the highest-rated comedy movie?

The Intouchables & Back to the Future both have an IMDb rating of 8.5/10.

What is the best action-comedy movie?

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is the best action-comedy movie.


These are some of the top 10 comedy movies. They are some of the funniest films ever made – according to Rotten Tomatoes. I loved Lady Bird and Coco from the bottom of my heart. These movies are just a few fishes in the large ocean of hilarious films that give your funny bone a workout. So, if you have watched all of the aforementioned movies, you are free to search for more.


Which are the top 10 comedy movies if you were to write this list? Let us know in the comments below.