Top 10 Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

Consume less sugar, many of us have heard this countless number of times. Despite that, our sweet tooth does nothing but crave for it even more. Over the years, people have cultivated a great temptation for sweets, be it sugary cereals, sodas, ice creams, or snacks, we down a fair amount of sugar into our diet on a regular basis.

As it is said; everything you eat should be in the amount required by your body, if you exceed the levels, you’ll face serious repercussions related to health. 

Top 10 Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

Well, if you’ve decided to cut down on sugar and calories in your diet, then I am sure you might have considered switching to artificial sweeteners. Before you start including them in your diet, you should be aware of the possible threats your body is most likely to encounter. To acquaint you with the major ones, I have enlisted the Top 10 dangers of artificial sweeteners that you should probably know about. 

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1. Type 2 Diabetes

Various studies suggest that artificial sweeteners if taken regularly can increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Although they may sound as a treat for those having diabetes, you’ll still have to limit the intake of artificial sweeteners in your regular diet. 

2. Weight Gain

If you exceed the daily amount of artificial sweeteners in your diet, the chances of fat getting accumulated in your body would increase extensively. Meaning, if you’re drinking a diet soda regularly, you would eventually gain weight over the course of time. 

3. Risky for children

Giving your child sugar-free ice cream and fruit flavored drinks would not be the safest alternative to keep him away from sugars. Artificial sweeteners are not a healthy choice for kids as they will fill them with empty calories which may not be good for their overall development. 

4. Heart Diseases

Consuming food and drinks incorporated with artificial sweeteners are said to increase the rate of heart diseases in a number of individuals. If you’re someone who regularly drinks sugary cokes, then you probably consider switching to some healthy options. 

5. Hypertension

Consuming artificial sweeteners is associated with negative effects on blood pressure and that excess of the same can result in hypertension. This further can lead to a series of various other fatal diseases.  

6. Accumulate within the gastrointestinal tract

As artificial sweeteners are synthesized from non-natural products, your body may sometimes not recognize it and may end up collecting it within the gastrointestinal tract. If that happens, your normal digestion process would be interrupted and your body may start awakening some complications. 

7. Changes the metabolic rate of your body

Various studies conducted in regard to how artificial sweeteners work with our body suggest that they may affect your metabolic rate and give rise to a number of fatal conditions. Consumption of soft drinks frequently is said to increase the risk for the development of the metabolic syndrome. 

8. Lead to more sugar cravings

As artificial sweeteners are not actually the sugar we consume, they may not satisfy the needs of your sugar cravings. This would ultimately lead to overeating which again is not good for health. 

9. Change in taste

Artificial sweeteners are way more sweeter than regular sugar and that the taste buds eventually get used to taste. You may no longer crave drinks stuffed with regular sugar and consuming a lot of artificial sweeteners may harm the overall health of your body. 

10. Calorie Replacement

Artificial sweeteners are also referred to as low-calorie sweeteners or nonnutritive sweeteners. Meaning, they serve no calories when consumed and deficiency of the same will result in several complications. To provide your body with essential calories, you’ll have to find a replacement that can provide you with the same. Let’s say you’ll instead have a piece of cake as there would be no calories in artificially sweetened drinks and food. 

You can prefer consuming natural sweeteners like fruit juice concentrate, molasses date sugar, honey, pure maple syrup, and raw cane sugar instead of artificial sweeteners.


What is the safest artificial sweetener to use?

Acesulfame-K is one of the safest artificial sweeteners that you can consider having into your diet. 

Is Acesulfame-K safe to use?

As per the FDA, Acesulfame-K is completely safe to use. Around 90 studies concluded the results for the same. 

Which is worse: sugar or artificial sweeteners?

You may be surprised to know that artificial sweeteners are about 200 to 600 times sweeter than sugar. This clearly indicates that sugar when taken in limited amounts can prove good for your overall health. 

Is Coke Zero good or bad? 

As it is sugar-free, Coke Zero will probably do no harm to your body.


So this was all about the possible dangers of artificial sweeteners. As they are synthetic sugar substitutes, they usually would be sweeter than the actual sugar.

However, the fact that artificial sweeteners incorporate no calories attracts millions of people to include them in their diets.

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All in all, do consider the practical disadvantages of artificial sweeteners before you add them as a resultant constituent in your diet.