Top 10 Gaming Companies in the World

Before the internet and computers became universal, people played interactive games such as Charades, Pictionary, Who Am I? Catch Phrase, etc. Then came the very first video game called Pong, which was developed by Physicist William Higinbotham. In 1962, Steve Russell invented Spacewar!, known to be the first video game that could be played on multiple computers. I seldom play games, which makes me wonder what makes them so special! A friend of mine beautifully explained it in two words – escaping reality.

In 2021, we no longer need to carry huge chunks of machines just to complete a game. Thanks to dedicated gaming consoles and mobile phones, the gaming realm gained more traction and is booming. So much so that manufacturers like Asus and Xiaomi have developed ROG and Black Shark phones, respectively, which are dedicated gaming devices with the industry-best specifications. But where did it all start from? Who makes such amazing open-world games? This article will answer that and much more. So, here is a list of the top 10 gaming companies in the world.

Top 10 Gaming Companies in the World

Each day video games are becoming more and more advanced. In this world of advancement, closure is not an option…neither is staying stagnant for a long time. People eventually grow out of the older video games and crave more high definition games and better graphics.

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10. Square Enix

Top 10 Gaming Companies in the World

Square Enix is one of the top 10 gaming companies in the world. Headquartered in Tokyo,  Japan, the gaming firm is a collaboration between Square, which was formed in 1983, and Enix, established in 1975. Square Enix creates not only superb games but also books, anime, magazines, and motion pictures. Back in 2003, they amalgamated and came to be known as Square Enix Co. Ltd. Some of its popular games are Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Dragon Quest, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, and Marvel’s Avengers.

9. Konami

Konami is one of the biggest video game companies of all time. Established in Japan in 1969. They freshly invested in Fitness and Health. Even if it’s headquartered in Tokyo, the firm serves worldwide. Some of its famous games are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eFootball PES 2020, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Apocalyptica, Frogger Beyond, Casino Inc., Shadow of Destiny, and Castlevania.

8. Ubisoft

Top 10 Gaming Companies in the World

Ubisoft was established in Carentoir, France, in 1986. It was founded by 5 members and is one of the most-preferred gaming companies in the world. Headquartered in Montreuil, the firm is known for creating open-world sandbox games. Ubisoft last year announced that they are planning an open-world Star Wars game, which means that Electronic Arts doesn’t exclusively own rights to the Star Wars titles. Assasin’s Creed, Far cry, Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell are a few well-known Ubisoft games.

7. Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts, often abbreviated as EA, is one of the world’s top 10 gaming companies. Founded in 1982, EA is known for its annual sports games such as FIFA, NBA, and NBA. It has also created Medal of Honor, Madden, Need for Speed, and Mass Effect. The firm also owns Swedish gaming company DICE, known for producing Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield series first-person shooters. EA’s total assets as of 2018 are US$8.58 billion.

6. Bandai Namco Entertainment

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. is another Japanese video game developer. It was formed in 2006 as a result of a corporate merge between Bandai and Namco. Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Bandai was founded in 1950, while Namco was established in 1955. The firm owns several multi-million video game franchises such as Pac-Man, Dark Souls, Gundam, Tekken, Ace Combat, Soulcalibur, Tales, Taiko no Tatsujin,  and The Idolmaster. Its recent games are One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, Digimon Survive, and Fast & Furious Crossroads.

5. Rockstar Games

Any game-related would be incomplete without mentioning Rockstar Games. Established in 1998 by Take-Two Interactive, the gaming firm is popular for the Grand Theft Auto series. It’s said that Rockstar shipped over 250 million copies of their games (as of 2014). The Grand Theft Auto V officially sold more than any other game in the series (and the firm’s history). It sold over 110 million copies, making it one of the best-selling games of all time. Red Dead Redemption is another series Rockstar Games should be proud of. The company deviates from the ongoing trend, which is why gamers prefer their games. Its annual revenue for 2019 was reported to be $2.66 billion.

4. Activision Blizzard

Top 10 Gaming Companies in the World

Akin to Square Enix and Bandai Namco, Activision Blizzard merged in 2008. Blizzard is known for majestic multiplayer online games, one superb example being World of Warcraft. Activision is famous for the omnipresent Call of Duty first-person shooter and the Tony Hawk franchise. Activision Blizzard was named in the Fortune 500 and became the third gaming company to make the list, following Atari and Electronic Arts.

Some widely known games by Activision-Blizzard are Candy Crush Saga, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Destiny, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk’s, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro/Skylanders,  StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. The firm’s revenue as of 2018 is reported to be $7.5 billion.

3. Nintendo

Nintendo is one of the top 10 gaming companies globally and the oldest video game company on this list. Founded in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta Co., its main priority was to produce hand-illustrated Japanese playing cards with pictures – known as hanafuda, instead of suits and numbers. Nintendo also became a toy company in the early 1970s, which released Japan’s first-ever electronic toy – the Nintendo Beam Gun.

Then in 1985, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System or known as Famicom, in Japan. Soon after, the Nintendo 64, the Game Boy was launched. As for games, Mario is one of Nintendo’s most indelible characters of all time. Other familiar offerings include Super Mario Bros., Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, and Super Smash Bros. In 2018, Nintendo made $5.59 billion in revenue.

2. Xbox Game Studios

Top 10 Gaming Companies in the World

Xbox Game Studios, formerly known as Micorost Studios, is one of the world’s top 10 gaming companies. For those not in the know, Xbox Game Studios is the video game production section of Microsoft. It is also known for Xbox, one of the best gaming consoles in the world.

Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, the firm acquired Double Fine, which developed an internal studio committed to the Age of Empires. Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft Arcade, Minesweeper, NBA Full Court Press, Age of Empires, Midtown Madness, Motocross Madness, Forza, and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition are some of its well-known games.

1. Sony Interactive Entertainment

Top 10 Gaming Companies in the World

Sony Interactive Entertainment or formerly known as Sony Computer Entertainment was founded in 1993. It is a sister company of tech giant Sony. It handles Sony’s video game development for its PlayStation systems. The original PlayStation console was launched in 1994, and since then, Sony has been expanding PlayStation home video game consoles, accessories, and more.

It is reported that by August 2018, the company sold over 525 million PlayStation consoles globally. It is also the most successful video game company in the world. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s 2019 revenue touched $20.8 billion. Some of its famous games are Marvel’s Spider-Man, Uncharted, God of War, Last of Us, Spyro,  LittleBigPlanet, Crash Bandicoot, and Ratchet & Clank.


Which is the biggest gaming company in the world?

Sony Interactive Entertainment is the biggest gaming organization in the world.

Which is the number one video game in the world?

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time, followed by 1984’s Tetris. It was released in 2011 and was eventually was acquired by Microsoft in 2014. Currently, it has sold more than 180 million copies.

Who owns Call of Duty?

Activision owns Call of Duty. It was first released on October 29, 2003.

Who is bigger, Sony or Nintendo?

If one speaks in terms of total assets, Sony is worth US$2,19,64,70,52,534 trillion while Nintendo is worth US$18,43,81,87,404 trillion in assets. On top of this, Sony has a variety of products and services than Nintendo.

Who will win the console war?

When you take the Sony PlayStation 5 into consideration, it will win the console war against Microsoft Xbox Series X.


These are some of the top 10 gaming companies in the world. All of them are doing well in their fields and have a lot to offer to their consumers. Personally, Xbox Game Studios and Rockstar Games are my favorite gaming firms since I have played a few of their magnificent games. I have been a longtime fan of Midtown Madness, and I hope Xbox Game Studios revives it like Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Did you relish reading this list? Which is your preferred gaming company? Are there any retro games you wish firms bring back? Leave your comments below.