Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

Let’s explore the Top 10 longest rivers in the world!

There’s plenty of rivers in the world but do you know which are the largest ones? I am sure you might have heard of Nile and Amazon, mainly due to their ongoing debate about the lengths of both rivers. As far as measuring a particular river is concerned, determining the length of a river differs greatly and that it depends on the factors an individual takes into account.

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

The factors that are mostly considered include the identification of the river’s mouth, the source, and the scale of measurement.

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10. Amu

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

Amu Darya is one of the longest rivers of Central Asia with a catchment area of 309 000 km2 and a length of 2540 km. Most of the river’s flow is formed on the territory of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. The river is a significant source of water for people living in the Aral Sea Basin and that the water resources are used for agriculture, hydropower generation, industrial, domestic, and drinking purposes. 

9. Congo River

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

Formerly known as the Zaire River, the Congo River is considered to be the second most voluminous river in the world which discharges around 1,500,000 cubic feet of water per second. It covers a length of 2,900 miles (4,700 km) and has a drainage basin of nearly 4 million square kilometers. The river originates in the savannas just south of Lake Tanganyika ends with Stanley Falls.

8. Río de la Plata

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

Río de la Plata covers a total area of about 13,500 square miles, making it the eighth largest river in the world. The river’s drainage basin is one of the five greatest drainage basins in the world which is formed by the discharge of waters from five countries- Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay. It also inhabits a rich as well as a varied animal life throughout its length.

7. Ob (river)

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

The river of central Russia, the Ob River flows north and west across western Siberia from its sources in the Altai Mountains to its outlet passing through the Gulf of Ob into the Kara Sea of the Arctic Ocean. The river covers a total distance of 5,410 km (3,362 miles) and is the seventh longest river in the world. It is an adobe to over 50 species of fish including some of the economically valued fishes such as “whitefish” as nelma, muksun, tschirr, and peled.

6. Yellow River

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

The Yellow River or Huang He is the second-longest river in China and the sixth-largest in the world. It gets the yellow color from the loess sediment that it carries when running through the course of the Loess Plateau. The river has a length of 3,395 miles (5,464 km) and is considered to be the “mother river of China” due to its importance in Chinese politics, economy, and culture.

5. Yenisey

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

Yenisey flows through Mongolia and Siberia housing a distance of 5,550 km which is what makes it the fifth-longest river in the world. The river starts on the flanks of Otgon Tenger which is a sacred 13,000-foot mountain located in Mongolia and ends at the Arctic Ocean at 70 degrees north. The river flows from about 47 degrees latitude to above 70 and that is the reason the climate there changes drastically. 

4. Mississippi River

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

Lying entirely within the United States, the Mississippi River is the longest river in North America. It originates from Lake Itasca in Minnesota and flows across the continental interior where it collects the waters of its major tributaries, the Missouri River and the Ohio River, thereby covering a total distance of 2,340 miles (3,766 km). An estimated 260 species of fish are said to live in the Mississippi River.

3. Yangtze River

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third-largest river in the world, with a length of 3,915 miles (6,300 km). The river flows through high plateaus and lowland plains, however more than three-fourths of the river’s course passes through mountainous regions. About 700 tributaries feed this river including the eight principal rivers: Yalung, Min, Jialing, Han, Wu, Yuan, Xiang, and Gan rivers.

2. Amazon

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

The largest river of South America which also holds the world’s largest drainage system in terms of the area of its basin and the volume of the flow. The river is said to be at least 4,000 miles long originating from a glacial stream from a peak, called Nevado Mismifound. The river serves home to Anaconda, one of the world’s largest species of snake. Due to its vast width, it is often referred to as The River Sea.

1. Nile

Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World

The Nile is recognized as the longest river in the world with its length stretching to a distance of about 4,132 miles. The river consists of two main tributaries- the White Nile, which originates in South Sudan, and the other one- the Blue Nile, which starts in Ethiopia. It was a source of life for Ancient Egyptians as all their activities related to freshwater, food and transportation were dependent on this mighty river. Even today, more than 95% of the Egyptians rely on the Nile for its water.


Where does the Nile start and end?

The Nile River starts into Lake Victoria and ends into the Mediterranean Sea more than 6,600 kilometers to the north.

Why is the Amazon River Unique?

The total flow of the Amazon river is far more than that of the Mississippi, Nile, and Yangtze rivers combined. 

Can you drink Amazon River water?

The Amazon River water is not safe for humans as the consistency of water is too muddy. 


So this was all about the Top 10 longest rivers in the world. As per the research conducted by scientists, it is believed that the Amazon is considered to be the world’s largest river by volume. There’s only a slight difference between the lengths of the Amazon river and the Nile river. 

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