Top 10 Moral Stories For Kids

We can’t deny the fact that we all have supped at least moral in our life from the stories that we heard in our childhood. Moral stories are meant to impart values in a child’s life by teaching them lessons that they are supposed to carry on for their entire life.

Well, if you’re a parent, I am sure you might also want your child to encapsulate some of life’s important lessons through stories. That said, there ain’t no other innovative way of incorporating important elements to your child’s life than telling them stories with great moral values. 

Top 10 Moral Stories For Kids

Down below we’ve gathered the top 10 moral stories of all time (some of which you’ll also find in your child’s textbook). This is our personal list and that we’ve curated it based on the morals that will aid your child in every sphere of life. 

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10. The Four Students


This is the story of four friends who used to party all time and often lie to their professors. One day in order to skip the test, they went to the dean and told him that they had been to a wedding last night and didn’t make it to the test due to the flat tire. They further said that they had to push the car as they did not have a spare tire.

The dean agreed and told them to appear for an exam the next day. On the exam day, all four students were asked to sit in different classrooms to which the students happily agreed. The question paper had only two questions for 100 marks: 1) Your name: 2) Which tire of the car burst: a) Front left b) Front right c) Rear left d) Rear right

9. The Golden Egg

There used to live a farmer with a goose who laid a golden egg every day. The egg was sufficient enough for both the farmer and his wife to meet their daily requirements. They were living a happy life until the farmer had the thought of having all the eggs at once.

He decided to cut the goose’s stomach and take out all the eggs at once. As he killed the goose and opened his stomach, he found nothing but blood. Realizing he made a mistake, he begins to cry and regrets for what he did.

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8. The Proud Rose

 In the desert, there was a rose who was so proud of her beautiful appearance. She used to always whine growing next to an ugly cactus. Every day, she used to mock the cactus and insult him for his looks. One day during summer, the desert became very dry, there was no water left for the plants to survive.

The rose began to wilt. She saw a sparrow dip his beak into the cactus for water. Even though she was ashamed of her deed, she asked for some water from the cactus. The cactus readily agreed. 

7. Elephant And Ant

In a forest, there lived a large elephant and a small ant in the jungle. One day, the elephant was about to crush the ant. The ant shouted, “Mr elephant, don’t crush me to death!” Annoyed by this, the elephant said, How dare you come in my way? Get lost!” The ant got very upset and told the incident to his mom.

Hearing of the incident, the ant’s mom felt the need of teaching the elephant a lesson. Both of them went to the place where the elephant was resting, and the ant’s mom climbed to the elephant’s trunk and began biting him. The elephant shouted in pain and the mother asked him  “Do you now realize how it feels to be hurt and humiliated?” The elephant realized that he did wrong and apologized. 

6. The Lion And The Mouse

A lion was sleeping peacefully in his den until the moment a mouse started playing on it. This disturbed the lion and made him angry. The lion caught the mouse and began crushing him to death. The mouse pleaded to him and assured him to do a favor whenever required. The lion found it ridiculous but decided to spare the mouse.

One day, a hunter caught the lion in a trap and started roaring for help. The mouse listened to that and immediately came to rescue him. The mouse started to cut the net and released the lion. They ended up becoming best friends. 

5. The Honest Woodcutter

Once upon a time, there used to live a woodcutter in a village. He was very sincere and hardworking. One fine day while cutting a tree near a river, he accidentally drops the ax in it. He lost all of his hope as it was his only source of earning. He prayed to God sincerely and he appeared in front of him.

He explained everything to God and he offered him a silver ax and asked, “Is this your ax?” he denied. He then offered him a golden ax and asked, “Is this your ax?” he denied it again. He went on to offer him his iron ax and asked whether it was his or not, the woodcutter happily agreed. Impressed with his honesty, God gave him all the axes he offered him as a reward for honesty. 

4. The Greedy Dog

This is a story of a hungry dog who used to roam villages in search of food. He immediately sniffs around for food and to his luck, he finds a delicious bone. On his way back home while crossing the wooden bridge, he finds a reflection in the water and mistakes it for another dog. He wanted that bone too, he opened his mouth and the bone fell into the river. He had to go back hungry. 

3. The Wolf And The Seven Little Goats

There used to live a Mama goat with her seven little goats happily until one day a wolf noticed her kids playing in a meadow. One day when mama goat went out to buy food for her kids, the wolf took advantage and disguised himself with white dough and changed his voice by eating a whole box of chalk. He went to their house and knocked, ‘’Open the door, your mother is back.’’

The kids opened the door and the wolf gulped them off one by one except one because his tummy was full. Returning back to her house, she realizes that her kids are missing, the youngest goat then comes out and narrates her the whole incident.

Mama goat took a scissor, needle, and a thread and cut open the wolfs’ tummy while he was sleeping and brought back all her kids and filled the tummy with stones. The next morning, when the wolf runs to a well for drinking water, he falls down into it due to his weight. The Mama goat and her seven little goats lived happily after.

2. Hare And Tortoise

A hare challenges a tortoise to compete with him in a running race, the tortoise agrees. The race begins, the hare crosses a long way and realizes that he is way ahead of the tortoise. He takes a break when he comes across a field of cabbages and then decides to take a quick snooze knowing that the tortoise hadn’t passed halfway.

Unfortunately, the hare falls into a deep sleep and when he wakes up he finds the tortoise a few steps away from the finish line. He ran as fast as he could to finish the line but the tortoise had already crossed it thereby winning the competition. 

1. The Thirsty Crow

On a hot summer day, a thirsty crow flies to a village where he comes across a pitcher of water. While looking inside the pitcher, he finds that there’s very little water inside it. He tries to place his beak to get the water but can’t reach it due to the low level of water.

He then tries to push the vessel down but fails in it too. Much to his surprise, he gets an idea when he looks around and finds the ground filled with a lot of pebbles. He begins to collect pebbles and starts putting them one by one into the pitcher to a point the water reaches the brim. The crow drank the water and flew back happily.


How do you make storytelling interesting for kids?

Make use of props while narrating a story to your kids. They love them and find it way more interactive. 

Can stories teach morality?

Yes, stories behave as a carrier and incorporate morals in children. 


So now that you are aware of some of the best moral stories, you can read them out to your kid during their bedtime. Now you might also have an idea of why reading moral stories to your kids is a good idea? Well, they will surely learn values from those stories and assimilate some into them while growing. 

Which one is it that you are going to tell your kid at the latest? Is it the thirsty crow story or the golden egg story? Tell us in the comment section below.