Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

There are literally thousands of series floating on the virtual continent, that is, streaming services. We all know a series that has stayed with us even after its untimely demise. What’s more, lockdown gave us …

There are literally thousands of series floating on the virtual continent, that is, streaming services. We all know a series that has stayed with us even after its untimely demise. What’s more, lockdown gave us a chance to binge-watch the content on our watchlist, be it on any video-on-demand platform.

Mr. Robot is a drama–thriller television series that revolves around Elliot Alderson, a hacker, and a cybersecurity engineer. Played by Rami Malek, he’s diagnosed with clinical depression and social anxiety disorder, normalizing them through his brilliant acting chops.

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

This post appreciates the performances by the enthralling cast and the mind-bending dialogues that our generation can vibe with. Sadly, it lasted only for four seasons, but the impact it has created will stay with us eternally. Here are the top 10 Mr. Robot quotes that drop truth bombs and touch our hearts simultaneously.

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10. “The 1% Of The 1%”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

“They showed themselves, the top 1% of the 1%, the ones in control, the ones who play God without permission. And now I’m gonna take them down.”

Elliot Alderson frequently fixates the top 1% of the 1% and how they misuse their influence. He has constantly craved to obstruct them to make the world a better place, but his efforts only made them more powerful.

The dialogue makes Elliot understand his purpose with clarity. The quote also brings to the fore the issues of class inequality and steps that one must take to resolve them.

9. “They love me.”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

“There are some people out there… And it doesn’t happen a lot. It’s rare. But they refuse to let you hate them. In fact, they care about you despite it. And the exceptional ones, they’re relentless at it. Doesn’t matter what you do to them. They take it and care about you anyway. They don’t abandon you, no matter how many reasons you give them. No matter how much you’re practically begging them to leave. And you want to know why? Because they feel something for me that I can’t… They love me.”

This is the final conversation between Whiterose and Elliot. Here, she strives to appeal to his contempt for society. But, she has no clue as to how Elliot has matured. Even though Elliot pushes away Angela, Darlene, and Mr. Robot, they stick to him as they love him. This love made Elliot see that he, too, can love himself. This quote implies convincing character development.

8. “Changing the world.”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

“What if changing the world was just about being here, by showing up no matter how many times we get told we don’t belong, by staying true even when we’re shamed into being false, by believing in ourselves even when we’re told we’re too different? And if we all held on to that, if we refuse to budge and fall in line, if we stood our ground for long enough, just maybe… The world can’t help but change around us.”

The dialogue is from the series finale, where Elliot reflects on his struggles throughout the series. It also acts as a powerful warning that change invariably begins with an individual. Moreover, changes only happen when people hold on to their views and make the change possible.

7. “Wearing a mask.”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

“How do I take off a mask when it stops being a mask when it’s as much a part of me as I am?”

Even though spoken in season two, the question stays consistent till the season finale. The climax makes this question more gripping since viewers come to know that Elliot always was a mastermind who displayed the courage to guard the actual Elliot.

6. “One or Zero”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

Are you a one or a zero? That’s the question you have to ask yourself. Are you a yes or a no? Are you going to act or not?

Elliot is recruited by the F-society’s mysterious leader, Mr. Robot. The latter schemes before Elliot a conspiracy to make the 1% pay for what they’ve done and reallocate the wealth that they’ve obtained.

Elliot doesn’t be a part of the scheme from minute one, which is when Mr. Robot asks, “Are you a one or a zero?” It simply implies whether Elliot is really revolutionary or he will sit back being ignorant.

5. “Religions are just metastasizing mind worms.”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

“There is no order, there’s no power, that all religions are just metastasizing mind worms meant to divide us, so it’s easier to rule us by the charlatans that want to run us. All we are to them are paying fanboys of their poorly written sci-fi franchise.”

Spoken in season 2, Elliot speaks his heart out on how he feels about power, order, and religion. This quote could easily be true of today’s circumstances, where people distinguish people merely on what religion they belong to. The last line is also true for some countries, where dim-witted governance has taken over normalcy.

4. “Control Is An Illusion”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

“Control can sometimes be an illusion. But sometimes, you need illusions to gain control. Fantasy is an easy way to give meaning to the world. To cloak our harsh reality with escapist comfort. After all, isn’t that why we surround ourselves with so many screens? So we can avoid seeing? So we can avoid each other? So we can avoid the truth?”

When Elliot says the quote, viewers already know that he is likely hallucinating or having illusions. But, he believes that the fantasy world he has created is his reality, which helps him control a complex situation. Translating it to real life, the fantasy in our world are the various TV series and movies we hope could have been true.

Even the endless social media scrolling is a kind of fantasy, where some people actively show just the ecstatic part of their lives and not the complete show. Escaping to such digital mediums – even gaming – are our illusions that we are content with.

3. “Annihilation is always the answer.”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

“Annihilation is always the answer. We destroy parts of ourselves every day. We Photoshop our warts away. We edit the parts we hate about ourselves, modify the parts we think people hate. We curate our identity, carve it, distill it. Krista’s wrong. Annihilation is all we are.”

Elliot Alderson speaks seemingly negative words, which unfortunately are true of some of us. Here, he refers to destroying a part of us – be it our innocence, adapting a new personality for the sake of people – which is actually annihilating the original self.

2. “Daemons”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

“Daemons. They don’t stop working. They are always active. They seduce. They manipulate. They own us. And even though you’re with me, even though I created you, it makes no difference. We all must deal with them alone. The best we can hope for… The only silver lining in all of this… is that when we breakthrough, we find a few familiar faces waiting on the other side.”

‘Daemons’ exist, whether truly in a physical form, is always up for debate, but there is a demon in our minds. What Elliot means is demons never stops, which is why they can manipulate us in no time. Even though people have created demons, such power is seducing.

When the demon takes over our good self, we should not lose hope and stick to our close bunch, who will always be there for us. This quote gives me goosebumps, as it actually endures in our lifetime.

1. “One big hoax.”

Top 10 Mr. Robot Quotes

“The world itself’s just one big hoax. Spamming each other with our running commentary of bullshit, masquerading as insight, our social media faking as intimacy. Or is it that we voted for this? Not with our rigged elections, but with our things, our property, our money. I’m not saying anything new. We all know why we do this, not because Hunger Games books make us happy, but because we want to be sedated. Because it’s painful not to pretend because we’re cowards.”

This dialogue is the best in the Mr. Robot series. Spoken in the first season by Elliot, these words describe every social media tactic where some folks fake their relationships just for the sake of society. It also means that we place unwanted importance on materialistic objects, which eventually paralyzes the way we see reality. The quote is just fantastic!


Where can I watch Mr. Robot in India?

You can watch Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime Video in India. You’ll need a Prime subscription to watch it, which costs ₹999 annually.

How many episodes can I watch in Mr. Robot?

Mr. Robot has only 4 seasons that consist of 45 episodes in total.

Who plays Mr. Robot?

Christian Slater plays Mr. Robot. He is an insurrectionary anarchist who runs a group of hacktivists.

Will there be a season 5 of Mr. Robot?

Yes, Robot Season 5 is officially canceled. You can instead Google ‘Shows like Mr. Robot’ if you’d like to watch similar content.

What role does Rami Malek play?

Rami Malek portrays Elliot Alderson, who is a cybersecurity engineer and hacker. Throughout the series, it is made known to the viewers that he suffers from clinical depression and has a social anxiety disorder.


These are the top 10 Mr. Robot quotes, according to us. Of course, the series is filled with gems throughout its four seasons. The show has received various prestigious awards, counting the 2015 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series.

The series portrays that it is quite okay to create our own realities, but it also shows what happens when the thoughts blur the lines between reality and a world created by our minds. The thought-provoking yet disturbing quotes effectively discuss paranoia, delusions, and dissociative identity disorder.

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