Top 10 Natalie Portman Movies Ranked

Natalie Portman debuted with “Leon: The Professional” (1994) while she was just 13-years-old. After 10 years of her career, she got her first Oscar nomination for “Closer” which was released in 2004.  The Oscar-winning actress …

Natalie Portman debuted with “Leon: The Professional” (1994) while she was just 13-years-old. After 10 years of her career, she got her first Oscar nomination for “Closer” which was released in 2004. 

The Oscar-winning actress has had some of the outstanding performances throughout her productive 25 year film career.

Top 10 Natalie Portman Movies Ranked

The charismatic star has won numerous accolades for her work and has several more ahead of her – lets celebrate her work and recap Natalie Portman’s some of the best performances. 

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10. Thor (2011)

IMDb: 7

Jane Foster was fairly an important character in the movie ‘Thor’ as she was the first one to discover Thor on Earth and went on to help him amalgamate into human society.

Knowing how she commits to shape every character’s complexity, there’s not an ounce of a doubt that she will give her all to the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

Her performance in Thor: Ragnarok as a skilled fighter and strategist has proven her capabilities in acting and that is why she’s the best choice to lead for producers. 

9. Closer (2004)

IMDb: 7.2

Mike Nichols’s movie adaptation of the Patrick Marber play, Closer is a sheer work of pure cleverness and the magnificence of the film is reflected in Natalie Portman’s acting.

In the movie, she portrays the role of Alice, a waitress turned stripper. A romantic relationship emerges between Dan, an obituary writer and aspiring novelist when she takes her to a Hospital after a taxi hits her.

For her role in this movie, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress while Jude Law, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen were also nominated for an Oscar in the central roles.

8. V for Vendetta (2005)

IMDb: 8.1

Depiction of a future scenario where Britain has devolved into a tyrannical monarchy, James Teague’s direction ‘V FOR VENDETTA’ shows one of the most prominent roles of Portman.

Her role in the film as Evey sling with a cunning resistance fighter called V is to mount a plot to restore societal freedom and overthrow the dictatorship from Britain. Being soft and vulnerable on one side, Portman turns into a strong and inviolable in resistance. 

7. Heat (1995)

IMDb: 8.2

Portman in ‘Heat’ makes a strong impression as Pacino’s defiant step-daughter. The plot of this movie includes Michael Mann who places Al Pacino and Robert De Niro on different paths of the law.

Pacino is a LAPD detective who tracks a group of professional bank robbers led by a charismatic thief. Despite the movie’s stellar production, it was not nominated for a single Oscar nomination. 

6. A Tale of Love and Darkness (2016)

IMDb: 6

“A Tale of Love and Darkness,” is Natalie Portman’s directing debut which addresses the story of the founding of the state of Israel. The movie incorporates complicated and consequential moments from 20th-century history.

The film is an intensely literary one where Ms. Portman is seen speaking Hebrew very fluently. The exciting events lead to the climax of the British mandate and Israel’s war of independence.

5. Léon: The Professional (1994)

IMDb: 8.5

Luc Besson’s brutally violent and pulp thriller- LÉON was Portman’s official debut on the big screen. In the movie, she plays a 12-year-old girl named Mathilda who’s captured by a professional hitman after her family is murdered by a corrupt DEA agent.

While still his  protégé, she learns the hitman’s trade in order to avenge her little brother’s death. She is the emotional center of the movie. 

4. Jackie (2016)

IMDb: 6.7

Pablo Larrain’s film revolves around Jackie Kennedy’s unraveling mental state which is then followed by shocking assassination of her husband and leader of the free world, President John F. Kennedy.

Her performance in this movie is considered to be among her best performances. For this movie, she even earned an Oscar nod. The movie beautifully showcases Jackie’s fractious mind and confusing emotions which are simply beaming.

3. Garden State (2004)

IMDb: 7.4

Portman’s quirky role of Sam will definitely melt your heart if it hasn’t already. Zach Braff’s popular rom-com- Garden State revolves around a struggling L.A. actor Andrew who comes back to his home to bury his dead mother.

On his visit to the hospital for migraines, he meets a lovable epileptic patient named Sam, all by accident. They eventually develop a close relationship while beginning to spend time together.

2. Annihilation (2018)

IMDb: 6.8

Portman in Alex Garland’s sci-fi horror tale Annihilation portrays the role of a woman who is determined to do whatever she can to honor the legacy of her husband who is missing.

The story here revolves around a biologist named Lena who braves to lead a mission by venturing into an ecological disaster area to find her missing soldier husband named Kane. On her mission, she trips a gravity-defying environment where the laws of physics do not exist. 

1. Black Swan (2010)

IMDb: 8

Darren Aronofsky’s psychological horror film, Black Swan has Portman in the role of Nina who is a ballerina with an almost single-minded focus on her craft.

The sequence in the movie leads Nina to slowly transform into black swan herself. The movie received a cascade of accolades for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Film Editing. Portman even won an Oscar for Black Swan!


What is Natalie Portman’s best film?

BLACK SWAN (2010) directed by Darren Aronofsky is considered to be Natalie Portman’s best film for which she even won an Oscar. 

What movies did Natalie Portman come out in?

Natalie Portman made her debut in Luc Besson’s action thriller Léon: The Professional. 


Natalie Portman’s exceptional performance makes her the most accomplished actress of her generation. She was last seen in Avengers: Endgame and Lucy in the Sky in 2019, where she again demonstrated her acting capabilities.


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