Top 10 Places to Visit in Maharashtra

Known to be the land of scholars, saints and actors, Maharashtra is the second most populated state in India. When split into two words, ‘Maha’ means big and ‘Rashtra’ means nation – standing to its …

Known to be the land of scholars, saints and actors, Maharashtra is the second most populated state in India.

When split into two words, ‘Maha’ means big and ‘Rashtra’ means nation – standing to its name, Maharashtra is a host to several significant monuments in Maharashtra like Bibi ka Maqbara, Ajanta Ellora caves, Gateway of India.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is known to equip temples that are over 1000 years old on its land. The state also serves a diverse culture and that people in Maharashtra are multilingual. 

No wonder why people love to explore Maharashtra, it’s surely a booming state! 

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If you ever happen to be in Maharashtra, do make sure you visit these places:

1. Mumbai

Gateway of India

From vibrant urban nightlife to pleasing nature, Mumbai despite being a commercial city, has a bountiful of adoring places to visit.

Residing in the western territory of India, Mumbai shares its boundary with the coasts of the Arabian Sea and thus offers a scenic view of the same.

You’ll find the poorest of slums and even the world’s most expensive resorts here, all on a single land.

The city is all about history, art and culture, bollywood, food, theatre and a lot more.

Here’s the list of places you should visit to experience the serene vibe the city has to offer:

  • Gateway of India
  • Marine Drive
  • Juhu Beach
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Haji Ali Dargah
  • Elephanta Cave
  • Siddhivinayak Temple
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)
  • ISKCON Temple

2. Aurangabad

Bibi ka Maqbara

Aurangabad is a city full of fascinating caves, ancient monuments, and religious sites.

It is dipped in rich biodiversity, shimmering lakes and dazzling landscaped gardens alongside ancient UNESCO Heritage Sites. Named after the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, Aurangabad is now declared as the ‘Tourism Capital of Maharashtra’.

As for shopping, you’ll find everything from gorgeous hand-woven garments to exquisite silk items here.

Some of the most stimulating places to visit in Aurangabad are:

  • Ajanta caves
  • Ellora Caves
  • Bibi ka Maqbara
  • Daulatabad Fort
  • Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple
  • Lonar Crater Lake
  • Soneri Mahal
  • Pitalkhora Caves

3. Mahabaleshwar


Mahabaleshwar is known to be among the finest places to visit in Maharashtra. Residing in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, it was the summer capital of the Bombay province during colonial rule.

This beautiful place is equipped with amazing green plateaus alongside rugged mountains and forts in the background. Being a quaint hill station, it’s a great place to gaze at the scenic beauty of nature.

The hill station offers ancient architectural splendor, mesmerizing viewpoints, evergreen forests, serene lakes, and sparkling waterfalls and is surely a place that rejuvenates your mind.

These are some of the places you can vist while in Mahabaleshwar:

  • Elephant’s Head Point
  • Pratapgad
  • Mapro Garden
  • Venna Lake
  • Lodwick Point
  • Lingamala Falls
  • Sunset Point
  • Tapola
  • Rajpuri Caves

4. Lonavala

Pawna Lake

Lonavala attracts a plethora of visitors every year. Known as the ‘Jewel of Sahyadri’ and the ‘City of Caves’, this popular hill station boasts spectacular views of the hills that are a perfect spot for relaxation.

There are a myriad of places that you can visit while in Lonavala including historical sites, natural wonders, religious attractions, and many more.

The best place to visit this beautiful hill station is during monsoon season as it is when nature is at its best, showcasing remarkable panoramic views of forests, hills and valleys.

Some of the top places to visit in Lonavala are:

  • Tiger’s Leap
  • Bhaja Caves
  • Karla Caves
  • Bhushi Dam
  • Duke’s Nose
  • Tikona Fort
  • Pawna Lake
  • Lohagad Fort
  • Valvan Dam

5. Shirdi

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Situated in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Shirdi is a small town mainly known for its association with saint Shri Sai Baba.

The place rose to fame when a young ascetic preached the values of devotion to people living around.

Since then, the people there have fully associated their lives with India’s greatest spiritual saint. Even though the place is suitable to visit throughout the year, October to November is the most preferred to visit.

Best places to visit in Shirdi are:

  • Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
  • Shani Shingnapur
  • Gurusthan
  • Dwarkamai
  • Sai Heritage Village
  • Khandoba Mandir

6. Alibaug

Kashid Beach

Located away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Alibaug is a great place to visit for spending a weekend.

It offers a scenic view of the Arabian Sea and is indeed the best spot for those who love spending time by the beach.

The sand over there is dark and coarse and is not something that can be found easily. The place boasts luxurious resorts and hotels from where one can observe the serenity of Arabian Sea.

Some of the best tourist places to visit in Alibaug are:

  • Alibaug Beach
  • Varsoli Beach
  • Kashid Beach
  • Kihim Beach
  • Akshi Beach
  • Kolaba Fort

7. Nashik

Anjaneri Mountains

Holding a great significance on account of the Indian Mythology of Ramayana, Nashik known for its vineyards and agriculture includes places that are worth visiting for those looking for a calm break.

It is among India’s four places that conducts the world-famous Kumbh Mela. The city is rapidly developing towards modernization simultaneously preserving its historical importance.

These are the must visit places in Nashik:

  • Trimbakeshwar Temple
  • Pandavleni Caves
  • Sula Vineyards
  • Muktidham Temple
  • Coin Museum
  • Anjaneri Mountains
  • Saptashrungi

8. Panchgani


Nesting at an altitude of 4242 ft above the sea level, Panchgani is yet another beautiful destination known for offering scenic views of nature.

The place is corned with  forests, cool ambience, fresh air, woody regions, colonial period cottages and much more. It is also the house to some of the most crucial plant species including silver oaks and poinsettia.

A visit plan between September to May is always enthralling.

Some of the top tourist attractions in Panchgani include:

  • Sherbaug
  • Rajpuri Caves
  • Wai
  • Parsi Point
  • Kate’s Point
  • Sydney Point
  • Dhom Dam
  • Lingmala Falls

9. Khandala

Rajmachi Fort

Situated on the Western Ghats Mountain Range of Maharashtra, Khandala City acts as the main joining link between Mumbai and Pune.

This popular hill station serves an alluring beauty of nature and is covered with lush green forest covers, misty valleys, and cascading waterfalls.

Famous for its hiking activities, Khandala attracts thousands of tourists every year. One can observe the panoramic views of the Sahyadri mountain ranges in Western Ghats while resting in this beautiful hill station.

Popular places to visit in Khandala includes:

  • Lohagad Fort 
  • Kune Waterfalls 
  • Shingroba Temple 
  • Bhushi Lake 
  • The Tiger’s Leap 
  • The Bhaja And Karla Caves 
  • Duke’s Nose 
  • Shivlinga 
  • Shooting Point
  • Rajmachi Fort 

10. Matheran

A cozy hill station, Matheran is nestled between the Sahyadri range on the Western Ghats at an elevation of 2600 feet above sea level.

Located at a short distance from Mumbai, Matheran is always a quick-to-go destination for most of the mumbaikars.

Despite being the smallest hill station in India, Matheran is popular for serving amazing vistas and serenity.

The place has around 36 viewpoints including alluring views of the Sahyadri mountain range.

One can visit to the following places while in Matheran:

  • Dodhani Waterfalls 
  • Chanderi Caves 
  • Charlotte Lake 
  • Louisa Point 
  • Kalavantin Pinnacle 
  • Irshalgad Fort 
  • Little Chowk Point 
  • Ambarnath Shiv Temple


Which is famous in Maharashtra?

Places like Mumbai, Elephanta, Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad, Ellore Caves, Ganpatipule, and Shirdi, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Nashik, Khandala, Lonavala are some of the most famous travel destinations in Maharashtra.

Which is the famous hill station in Maharashtra?

Lonavala is considered to be the most famous hill station in Maharashtra.

What is the best thing about Maharashtra?

The fact that Maharashtra is a home to some of the most beautiful beaches makes it popular which also happens to be the best thing about Maharashtra.


So next time whenever you plan for a getaway to take a break from the busy life of the city, you know what places you can opt for. And to be honest, encompassing yourself in the arms of nature is the best you can do for a rejuvenating break.

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