Top 10 Portrait Photographers on Instagram

There was a time when photographers had to portray their talents mostly by arranging their art in the museums, join magazines, etc. Today, portraits are a very popular sub-genre of photography. Thanks to social media, particularly Instagram, talented artists have become influencers and could portray their skillset.

Top 10 Portrait Photographers on Instagram

Today, we take a look at some of the top 10 portrait photographers on Instagram whose posts will make us reach for cameras and shoot weird images. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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10. Alex Fetter

Alex Fetter is one of the top 10 portrait photographers on Instagram. With 112K followers, Fetter belongs to Albstadt, Germany. Even though his account has only some 550 posts, Instagrammers appreciate his portraits that truly capture the subject’s beauty. Alex also provides 1-on-1 editing lessons. You can see Fetter’s works on his Instagram account or visit

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9. Suhail

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With over 100 posts, Suhail has 105K followers on his Instagram account. Residing in San Francisco, California, his portraits aren’t subtle, and it is a fresh approach since many hold back their talents. Focusing mostly on women, Suhail captures their attractive features portraying them as charming, sexy, beautiful, and more. Follow him to see the many facets of women.

8. Geo Leon

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Geo Leon has a great command on saturated colors, which can be seen in his 490 Instagram posts. Be it Supergirl or Queen Mera; you can see his admiration for DC Comics. His portrayal of women is quirky in a sense that isn’t subtle because we have seen these aspects throughout time. Geo’s 299K followers seem to like his content since he is one of the top 10 portrait photographers on Instagram.

7. Kai Böttcher

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Based out of Germany, Kai Böttcher’s 247 posts are followed by 685K supporters on his Instagram account. He produces simple yet artistic female portraits. Some of his black and white portraits are layered, which has a deep meaning or no? His style of photography is unique and a breath of fresh air. Follow his account to get indirect advice on how to click portraits the right way.

6. Irene Rudnyk

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Irene Rudnyk, an expert photographer from Calgary, Canada, has 333K followers on her Instagram account. She is a KelbyOne Instructor who inspires 739K subscribers through her YouTube account. Irene constantly parts photography knowledge to her followers on Instagram and YouTube. Her photos depict her love for traveling, nature, and all things natural. Irene has an eye for rarity, which is channeled through her lens. Her artistic imagery verily makes her one of the top 10 portrait photographers on Instagram.

5. Marta Bevacqua

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Marta Bevacqua is an Italian photographer and director based in Paris. Her portraits are dreamy, abstracted, and surreal, which reflects Marta’s eye for muted tones. Her Instagram account has 490K followers who have shown their support to the 860 posts that she has uploaded. She’s a familiar name in the fashion realms, having shot for Dior, La Perla, Vogue, and Marie Claire. Her photography captures the flaws, which are packed in beautiful shots. Marta Bevacqua’s vibe is relatable and feels personal.

4. Nirav Patel

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Nirav Patel is a San Francisco, California-based fine art portrait photographer whose engineering background influences his clicks. The lines and shapes that he embraced in his engineering years give his picture a different perspective. His photos emanate a “peaceful moments” vibe, which his 284K followers second. His subjects are stoic, placed in common backgrounds – two lovers hugging on a sunny day, women flickering with lights, etc. Nirav’s captures are certainly mesmerizing. This multi-faceted artist also clicks wedding pictures. Follow Nirav Patel for his soothing pictures.

3. Jessica Kobeissi

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Jessica Kobeissi’s Instagram account has a whopping 579K followers, which showcases women in their many (and true) forms. The Detroit, Michigan-based Arab-American photographer captures her subjects in alluring backdrops aided by effective lighting and gentle yet not-so-subtle poses. Her subjects are from all corners of the world, reflecting unity amongst women folks. She is a fan of The Legend of Zelda and Batman. Jessica is also fascinated by cats. If you don’t see her posts, she could be binging on Forensic Files, the world-renowned American documentary television series.

2. Dubnitskiy David

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Viewer discretion! Ukrainian portrait photographer Dubnitskiy David clicks women in their personal time. By that, I mean women are portrayed sensually by David’s eyes. No doubt he has garnered 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account. The posts aren’t vulgar or tawdry but open them at your own responsibility, especially those working from home (or even in the office). You will see partial nudity, but it does not violate Instagram’s policy. His pictures are creatively sexual, depicting society’s mindset toward well-endowed women.

1. Brandon Woelfel

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Known for being the original creator of portrait photography, any list would be incomplete without mentioning Brandon Woelfel. He has become synonymous with photography and, more importantly, portrait photography. His presence is echoed by 2.8 million followers on his Instagram account. The New York-based photographer has over 1870 posts scintillating, glittering, and gleaming with the subjects’ joyous and/or everyday moments. His editing style is consistent, which is one of the factors he’s essentially a portrait photography guru.

Capricious flares and night-time portraits – often accompanied with blues, crushed blacks and, neon – are Brandon’s pièce de résistance. In his photos, he uses CD to generate reflections or prism with fairy lights. Search his name on YouTube, and you will see hundreds of creators with their tutorials dissecting his iconic editing style in order to help people simulate it.


What are different types of portrait photography?

Lifestyle portraits, Traditional portraits, Candid portraits, Street portraits, Environmental portraits, Fine Arts portraits, Glamour & Boudoir portraits, Surreal portraits, Conceptual portraits, etc., are the diverse kinds of portrait photography.

How do you take portrait photos?

To take ideal portrait photos, choose a perfect subject, be it a human, an animal, or a non-living object. Then pick a suitable background for that particular subject. Ensure that you have various poses ready for the subject. Prepare the said subject. The subject should also be well lit, or else your portraits won’t have an impact. Use a favorable focal length. Now, blur the background by using ‘Aperture Priority Mode’ or an F Stop between f/2.8 to f/5.6 is great. Expose the subject’s face and/or the eyes.

What is a full body photo called?

A full body photo is called the ‘Full Body Shot’ and ‘Full Body Portrait’ if it is a full portrait of the subject.

What F stop is best for portraits?

My research on the internet suggests that an F stop around f/2.8-f/5.6 is the best to capture a shallow depth of field. By doing so, only your subject will be in the focus as the background is blurred.

What brand camera do most professional photographers use?

Professional photographers usually use Nikon and Canon cameras.


These are some of the top 10 portrait photographers on Instagram. Portraits expose a subject (or an object’s) closeness to the lens, and if the photographer wants, they can show you the flaws as well. There are different types of portrait photography, and everyone has a taste. The style of the portrait photographers featured on this list is subtle, nuanced, yet fabulous. You get to see shallow depth of field, saturated colors, bokeh, glasses, props that reflect fairy or neon lights, etc. The shutterbugs’ capricious styling will make you double-tap on their photos.

What type of portrait photography do you like? Have you ever done some serious photography? Which is your favorite photographer? Don’t see them on this list? Let us know in the comments below.