Top 10 Scooty in India With Pictures

Scooters have become a fundamental part of Indian roads. Small cities see many riding scooters, which have good space for storing helmets and other small stuff, and they are a bit cheap compared to bikes. For consumers, scooters have become reliable and dependable. I currently live in Pune, where you’ll see more two-wheelers than in other cities. You can enter a narrow lane with a scooter, which is one of its benefits.

Top 10 Scooty in India

So, if you are looking for some of the best scooters, I have prepared a list of the top 10 scooty in India. I have mentioned the current price, its mileage, and engine displacement. Let’s get this show on the road!

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10. Piaggio Vespa VXL 125

Top 10 Scooty in India

Piaggio’s Vespa gives off an international vibe, thanks to its Italian design. It has an air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that produces energy of 10.6Nm and power of 10bhp. Even if it’s not that powerful, it’s quite distinguished compared to most of the scooters found in Indian. You get 12 distinct colors, which add to the premium vibe.

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9. TVS Zest

Top 10 Scooty in India

TVS Zest is an impressive scooter. It includes 3D logos, dual-tone seats, tubeless tires, etc. It has a torque of 8.4Nm and a peak power of 7.99bhp. No doubt it won the ZigWheels Scooter of the Year Award 2014. You can choose from five matter colors – Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Purple.

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8. Hero Pleasure Plus

Top 10 Scooty in India

Many thought that Hero Pleasure is a women-only scooter, but since it received some updates – such as colors and body graphics – men can officially ride it. Riders can feel safe as it is equipped with the latest Integrated Braking System. Moreover, it has a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine along with automatic CVT transmission. Buyers are spoilt for choices with 7 different colors.

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7. TVS Pep+

Top 10 Scooty in India

TVS’ Scooty Pep Plus is one of the lightweight two-wheelers whose target audience is women. The engine has a 4-stroke single-cylinder and a forced air-cooled, which generates 5bhp worth of power. Moreover, it features a CVT transmission and fuel injection. The Pep Plus is available in two Sky and Red colors.

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6. Yamaha Fascino


Yamaha Fascino won the India Design Mark award 2016. It is an interesting scooter that can churn out an 8.1Nm torque and 7.2bhp power, coupled with its single-cylinder engine, which sports air-cooling. Its easy self-start is commendable, thanks to the Capacitor Discharge Ignition system. Moreover, it features tubeless tires and alloy wheels. Owners get to choose from distinct colors, including Suave Copper, Matt Blue, Dark Matt Blue, Cyan Blue, Black, Yellow, Suave Copper, Red, Matt Blue, Dark Matt Blue, and Cyan Blue Black.

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5. TVS Ntorq 125

What can I say? TVS is a popular multinational motorcycle company in India. Its Ntorq looks like a hybrid of bike and scooter, which features an automatic CVT transmission, single-cylinder engine, fuel injection, and air-cooling. It can produce 9.38bhp of power and about 10.5Nm torque during peak performance. It’s available in Matte Yellow, Matte Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Grey, Metallic Red, Matte Silver, Matte Black, Metallic Black, Metallic Red, Yellow & Black, Combat Blue, Invincible Red, and Stealth Black color options. Ntorq was adorned with the Commuter Two-wheeler of the Year Award at the Tech and Auto Awards in 2018.

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4. Honda Dio BS-VI

Even though Honda Dio is known for its remarkable body, it’s not just beauty. It is equipped with spark-ignition, a single-cylinder, a fan-cooled engine, and a manual CVT gearbox. It can easily achieve a torque of up to 10.3Nm at 5500rpm. As for colors, you can choose from Repsol Edition, Yellow, Red, Grey, Red, Orange, and Grey Blue. It won the India Design Mark in 2013.

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2. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access is one of the top 10 scooty in India. It is equipped with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine capable of the power of 8.7bhp and a torque of 10Nm. It also features an automatic transmission and fuel injection delivery system. You can choose from two variants: Standard and Special Edition. As for shades, you get to select from distinct colors such as Pearl White, Matte Red, Greenish Blue, Metallic Black, Pearl White, Platinum Silver, Fibroin Grey, and Glass Black Blue.

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2. TVS Jupiter

Thanks to awards by Bike India, BBC Top Gear India, and other authorities, TVS Jupiter was the most-awarded scooter in India in 2014. It sports an air-cooled and a single-cylinder engine coupled with fuel injection. It reaches peak torque of 8.4Nm and power outputs of 7.99bhp. You can choose from Starlight Blue, Starlight Matte Blue, Royal Wine, Starlight Blue, Royal Wine, Walnut Brown, Volcano Red, Titanium Grey, Pristine White, Mystic Gold, Midnight Black, Matte Silver, Matte Blue, Sunlit Ivory, and Indi Blue Autumn Brown. It’s one of the best scooters for a daily commute.

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1. Honda Activa 6G

Honda Activa is the top scooty in India. It was launched back in 2001, and since then, it has sold a whopping 2.2 crore units. It is equipped with a 4-stroke and a single-cylinder engine along with CVT automatic gearbox. Activa also features tubeless tires and drum brakes. DROOM Awards adorned it with Buyer’s Choice Scooter of the Year in 2018. You can buy it in Rebel Red Metallic, Pearl White, Midnight Blue, and Metallic Heavy Grey if you are interested.

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Which is the number one scooty in India?

Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access 125, TVS NTorq 125, Honda Dio, etc., are some of India’s most-loved scooters. If you want to buy a good scooter, it should be between 110cc and 125cc.

Which scooty is the best for people under 5 feet?

Scooty Pep, Scooty Pep Plus, TVS Jupiter, Honda Grazia, Honda Dio, Suzuki Burgman Street 125, Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Access 125, Honda Activa 5G, etc. are some of the best scooters for people under 5 feet.

Which is the shortest scooty?

TVS Scooty Pep Plus is the shortest scooty, With a seat height of 760mm. It’s perfect for riders close to 5 feet.

Which fuel is used in the scooty?

A scooter is powered by fuel gas, and fuels include liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), hydrogen (HICE), and biogas.

Is scooty good for a long drive?

A scooty is good for occasional rides, but it should have power and potential. But, if you often go on long drives, you should buy a two-wheeler with at least 150 ccs or a 180 cc engine.


These are some of the top 10 scooty in India. These scooters are, without a doubt, the best scooters, but if you want to look for more, you can always search for other vehicles. Manufacturers release updated models almost every six months. I have always been a fan of TVS vehicles, and my family owns three of them. If you want, you can try a new brand. Ensure that you take a test ride so that you’ll get a feel of the vehicle is.


Which scooter do you use? Do you have any other names to be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below.